Midland Co Greater Works, Inc. is a non-profit origination pending approval of the IRS for 501(c)3 status.  Midland Co Greater Works, Inc. is governed by leaders of the community who stand as directors and officers of the board.  All from the Midland County Area who understand the needs of the Midland County Texas communities.

Lisa Beauchamp
Executive Director

Lisa Beauchamp has been a business owner for over 30 years in oil field production & plant design, construction, system development, finance and accounting.  She joined the Board of Directors of Ward County Greater Works Inc. and later opening the Midland Greater Works facility under the Ward County Greater Works Inc. 501c3. She has served as President for the last 4 years and currently the Executive Director over all facilities.  Lisa and her husband Paxton are consistent contributors and deliver food and love on the clients.

Darlynna Morris Rush
Board Member

Darlynna Rush is a retired long time educator in the Midland community.  She and her husband, Buddy, raised their family in Midland and have served many in the community.  Darlynna was one of the first contributors to Midland County Greater Works and is a consistent monthly supporter.  She and Buddy also volunteer with a monthly delivery route loving on the clients.  She is a respected philanthropist and volunteer for many fine causes in the Midland area.  

Mark Peterson

Mark Peterson served the Midland community in civil service of over 30 years.  He and his wife Kay have deep roots in the community as volunteers for several organizations and Mark served as a deacon of his church.  He has been a volunteer for Midland County Greater Works many years helping with the heavy lifting, unloading trucks, disposing of cardboard, delivers a route monthly and filling in on routes when needed.  He currently is Board Treasurer.

Valued Staff:
Christina Hernandez

Christina Hernandez came as a volunteer and has been serving as Facility Director since Aug 2019.  She coordinates logistics of food receipt & delivery, prepares monthly food dry bags, coordinates volunteers, manages fundraisers and manages routes.