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Anyone can bring food - We bring life

Staff member Stephanie was delivering to the home of a client that when she came to the door there was evidence that the lady was not well.  Stephanie was a nurse, called paramedics and began to assist the client until they arrived.  Stephanie continues to monitor this woman and carries water to her regularly.   

When USDA Food is part of our food baskets it is prohibited for us to promote any religious practices.  We however are asked to pray on a regular basis and do pray after food is delivered when requested. 

When we bring food the comment is often, "Are you going to pray for me?"  We have been privileged to see answered prayers on a regular basis when asked to pray for individuals and their families.  "We bring Life."

We do annual surveys with our clients allowing them to give feedback on our services and those who serve them.  100% of our clients are thankful and we may have 1-2 complaints each year about the types of food they don't get.
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